Nessa Nessa- Winter Moon

Nessa Nessa is a native american song that means winter moon. This tapestry was inspired by an eclipse of the moon that begins the journey of the tapestry & that occurred on my mother's birthday (the winter soltis) the first year after her passing. It records many items about the Hudson river and its relationship to the moon and there is a legend to help decipher the coding. The quipu (Andean historical method of recording information on cords using knots and colors) records the time of the rising and the setting of the moon for one year after the eclipse as well as phases. The graph at the bottom of the tapestry records the azimuth (angle of rise and set). The visuals of the tapestry record the possible images and weather changes that occur over a one day period in the winter. The sky records many of the major constellations and the month in which they are best viewed in the northern hemisphere. The song is represented by native american flute notations and the tapestry ends with my mother's dog Toby and I playing that song to the moon. The tapestry is mounted on a series of 28 screens in accordion book style that can be viewed in many ways, circular, accordion or stretched out to it full length(252"). When closed it is a compact large book (20"H x 9"W x 8"D).

Materials used are hand spun wool warp, indigo dyed silks, Bulgarian silks, wool, linen, hemp, cotton and metallics wefts. Mount materials are acid free book board and fabric, acid free Canson paper and glues.