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Sport Series - Darts-11"x 8" plus trim
Sport Series - Boxing-18"x8" plus trim
Sport Series - Football 18"x 8" plus trim
Sport Series - Girl's Basketball -18"x 8" plus trim
Sport Series - Soccer-18"x 8" plus trim
Sport Series - Who's not on 2nd? - 37"x 28"
Sport Series - Women's Volleyball - 8"x16"

3 Dimensional Trims

The trims used here on some of the sport series works are constructed by crochet, a relative of cross knit stitch, and serve as audience, players, refs, patrons and cheer leaders to the ongoing games and narrative.
3 Dimensional Trims appear on Andean textiles as early as 200 BC. Usually constructed by a technique known as cross knit needle stitch, they can convey information as to ethnic identity or social status, as well as cosmology and more. One of the more elaborate known examples resides in the Brooklyn Museum and is literally a fabric of time. It is a large woven mantle with 3 astronomical cycles of a single yearly calendar recording lunar and solar cycles as well as suggested times for planting and harvesting represented by the trim of fantastic 3 dimensional human and animal deities; a farmer’s almanac of sorts in visual narrative.

In the tapestry “Who’s on 2nd “ the audience is part of the tapestry and it is the official uniforms in miniature of the NY team that hang below and suggest a bias for a particular team.
All works are in a 4-selvedge format and use a whole variety of natural fibers on a cotton warp. All are mounted on wooden frames covered in flannel and cotton material.

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