Morning Walk & River Tides - 12" x19'


This quipu indicates the time of each high or low tide by the knots (read from top to bottom) on the white hanging cords. Phases of the moon and the time they appear are represented by the knots on the light pink for new moon, middle tone pink for first and last quarter and purple for full moon. The knots on the black cords at the very beginning of the scroll indicate the range of tide heights represented in the colored graph woven into the tapestry, ranging from –1 to +5 feet. The morning walk of approx 2 miles is represented by the continuous imagery of the tapestry. The artist and her dog are shown near the beginning of the walk. The time line begins on January 1, 2009 and ends on January 1, 2010.
The tapestry was woven in a 4-selvedge format and the quipu strings were added and knotted as the work was being woven. The morning walk was such a familiar occurrence that no previous drawings were required and the work proceeded from memory as a part of the daily journey. The artist frequently uses this unpreprepared design method as most work reflects her personal surroundings. What is a quipu? For description see "Alvia Jane"